Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I’m sitting here typing up the content for this blog as I wait in a parking lot of traffic on the Inter-American Highway, west of San Ramon, and not yet to Puntaneras, my destination for tonight. Both lanes are blocked off, because sadly, an accident took the life of someone and la policia need to do their CSI before they clear the road. I imagine this will be a few hours, but I’m in no hurry, and even if I were, I think seeing the wreckage would have quickly corrected that with a dose of perspective.

Today, September 15th, was the independence day, like our July 4th, for the Costa Rican people. Judging by the coolers and beach umbrellas sticking out of the trunk and littering the ground around the wreckage, this family must have been returning from their holiday. Instead of a reason to celebrate, it will be a very sad memory every year from now on for a handful of family and friends of whomever died tonight.

I have a renewed appreciation for my trip, and the gift it is to be able to undergo it.

That being said, my apologies for not posting sooner, but the short Puerto Rican portion of my journey, as well as the first two days of the Costa Rican stint have been sparse as far as availability of internet has gone (and phone service, for that matter). So, here goes:

Puerto Rico, as some of you saw from my Twitter is definitely somewhere I would love to return. Friendly people, lots to see and do, and I only scratched the surface with the one usable day I had. I arrived late on the night of the 12th after flying through Ft. Lauderdale (where I made my last post). Some shots of the nightlife in Isla Verde, the tourist area where I was staying was fun, but I really enjoyed the following day. I got up, walked to the beach early, but missed the sunrise I intended to shoot. Oh well :). I used the rest of the day to drive up through Loiza, a prominent surfing and public beach area, and along the coast, turning south to visit El Yunque Nat’l Forest. My El Yunque visit was much quicker than I’d have preferred and many desireable trails were left un-hiked, but what I did see was amazing. Incredible views from Yokahu tower, and great shots of a couple beautiful waterfalls...

...not to mention jumping off of one :). Well, not the waterfall itself, but one of its lower falls had a deep pool at the bottom, and I took the 15 or so foot plunge at the invite of Fredo, a local who saw me shooting and told me about the jump. I shot him and his friends with a promise to email some pics, and traded spots, with him shooting me making the jump. Good times!

So I’ve decided to hold off on a Costa Rican post to another day, perhaps at the end of this portion of the trip, perhaps sooner, but I think you’ve had enough for now.... hope you enjoy the pics! View from Loiza, Puerto Rico

Blessings to all... appreciate those you love and the time you have with them.


La Mina Falls, El Yunque Nat'l Forest
View from Yokahu Tower, El Yunque Nat'l Forest

La Coca Falls, El Yunque Nat'l Forest

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