Saturday, September 12, 2009

Da Bahamas Mon...

So the first stop on my adventure was Nassau, The Bahamas... and I have to admit, it wasn't what I expected. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of beauty around, and well, its the Bahamas. On New Providence however, though I found a lot of shooting opportunities, little of them were white sandy beaches... at least now what I thought of when I think white sandy beaches. I suppose it's not the island to go to if that's what your looking for. I'm also sure that my limited exposure to what the island has to offer may have missed a white sandy beach or two:). Its a very touristy-town, at least between Cable Beach (where I was staying) and downtown Nassau. It's also the capitol city of The Bahamas, and so you get things that come along with any capitol city... a mixture of commerce and poverty, history and progress, as well as portions of the city that have fallen into disrepair.

I've learned (or re-learned) a few things on this trip that will be helpful in my future travels...

1. Transportation is worth the expense. I thought it would be a good idea to save some dough, and use the bicycles the hotel made available to me to get around on. That would have been a good idea, except for the fact that a) It rained very hard off and on throughout the day, every day. b) the bikes couldn't be used in the evenings.
Having my own transportation would have been worth the expense and allowed me to take advantage of a ton more shooting opportunities.

2.Turns out, trespassing is taken seriously in The Bahamas. No arrests or anything scary, but an attempt to circumvent a hotel fence to get (what I can only imagine would have been) a killer sunset shot garnered me an earful from the property guard. Oops.

3.The shot will often only be there for a moment, take it when you can, and allow plenty of time to prep for it. For example, airconditioned hotel rooms and hot, humid air cause condensation on glass when introduced to one another. Camera lenses are made of glass. Dang. So much for that sunset....

Overall, I'm stoked for the first stop. Some good shots were taken... even though they're not what I expected... Some "other side of the road" shots, wildlife shots, downtown city shots, and yes... even some beach shots :). I've posted a couple here, and hoping it will give a taste for more when I can get my website up and running.
"Flamingo Show", Ardastra Gardens & Z00 "Straw Market" d/t Nassau

"Beach Front", Cable Beach at Goodman's Bay

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  1. Nice stuff Danny. Don't worry about the sunsets, they have been done already. Yoda says, "Let the force guide you."