Sunday, September 20, 2009

Costa Rica...

Costa Rica was incredible. I started off my time there by driving from the airport up to the Arenal Volcano and stayed at the Arenal Observatory Lodge, right at the base of this active volcano in the Northwest of Costa Rica.

Set back in the forest accessible by a kilometer gravel/riverrock road, its definitely off the beaten path, but well worth the effort.

Beatiful hikes, wildlife a-plenty, an amazing view of the volcano, (especially if you catch it on a clear night where you can watch streams of red-hot boulders being spit out of the volcano and roll down the face
of the mountain).

My next stop in Costa Rica was Puntarenas, where I’d planned to access some of the famous beaches of Nicoya on the western coast. Unfortunately, rain, heavy and frequent prevented me from getting to these, but there was plenty more to shoot at the resort and small parks nearby. Iguanas ran around like squirrels and in a park nearby the resort, pale-faced monkeys emerged from their morning naps and littered the trees, accepting bananas and other snacks from the Tico children there in the park picnicking with their families.

The 1 hour drive back from Puntarenas ended up being a 5 hour trip, as I encountered traffic back-ups, closed roads, and heavy rains. This kept me from the 1/2 day I’d planned shooting
downtown San Jose, and I ended up staying near the airport to catch my morning flight out of the country.

Although I didn’t get to experience or shoot several of the places and things I had wanted to, I still loved Costa Rica. The people were friendly, laid back, and the country is beautiful. I’d love another trip, a longer one that would allow for more exploration of the regions I didn’t get a chance to visit this time....

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  1. Hey Danny, beautiful shots! I always wanted to see a volcano. It is on my bucket list