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So it's been over a week since my return and a lot of people have asked me, "where was your favorite place on your trip?", and "what would you have done differently?". I got a couple "what have you learned?", and even... "you were gone??" ;-).

I thought I'd recap my trip by sharing a few thoughts I have had as I reflected on the time and how I spent it. I'd also like to post a few more pictures from the last week spent in Richmond, Virginia, and by sharing one of my favorite pics from each destination.... hope you enjoy!

First, I would like to thank Jet Blue for such an incredible offer, and truly hope that they decide to do it again. At a reception they held for Jet-Passers in the JFK airport, I talked to a Jet Blue staffer that said they are planning on the promotion again, but may change it up a bit. Can't wait to see what they decide!

I'll start out by saying that I would DEFINITELY do it again. No question. I would, however have changed a few things:

1) I would've had transportation a little better laid out. For example, with the frequent rains and limited bus routes in the Bahamas, I felt a bit constricted while I was there. A car would have made a big difference, and I'd recommend the same to anyone planning to go...even if its for vacation.

2) I would have packed less. I didn't over pack, per se, but I certainly could have gotten by with a lot less than I brought. Hard to pack for 3-4 weeks:).

3) While I didn't have a ton of time to plan (only 2 weeks between booking the JetPass and departure), I would have tried to squeeze more planning in. Specifically, logistics of where to go while at each destination. I wanted to keep it fairly loose, and could still have done that, but a little more research before-hand could have let me capture some things I feel like I missed.

4) I would have changed some duration-of stay decisions (such as less Bahamas, more Puerto Rico). Having said that, I couldn't have really known that ahead of time. I feel like I just took a scouting trip of sorts. Where would I go back? Yes. ;) I'd go back to pretty much every destination... in fact, I hope to. The only significant change I'd make is Bahamas. I would make sure to get to one or more of the other islands besides New Providence, where Nassau is located.

As you all know, I made the trip alone. For those of you that know me, this really isn't a problem... I am a bit of an introvert, and enjoy time on my own. Plus, it wasn't a vacation, so having the ability to pick up and go when I needed, change plans on a dime, etc. was helpful. I have to admit, though, there were occasions when some company would have been nice. . . and while I did meet a handful of interesting people along way, there is nothing like the company of someone who knows you.

All in all, it was an amazing trip. I'm fortunate to have been able to take it, and glad I could share a bit of it with all of you!

And now on to some pictures.... I'll start with Richmond, VA, and then I'll move on to a pick from each of my destinations.

Richmond is a neat town. The capital of Virginia, it's not a small town, but it doesn't have a metropolitan feel to it, even in the downtown area. If you want the metro-feel, Washington, DC is a quick hour and a half up the road. Richmond is a Southern city. By that, I mean it has a distinct culture, one that has a lot more in common with other southern cities such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Raleigh and the like. People are generally friendly, there is a much slower pace than you find in Northern VA or DC, and though not a major metro area, there is plenty of culture, recreation, and entertainment. Of course I've mentioned before, one of my favorite things about Richmond is it's location. You can be in the mountains, at the beach, or in the city (DC), each within an hour and a 1/2.

The following are shots taken in and around Richmond, from downtown parks to suburban farmer's markets... let me know what you think!

Maymont Mansion



Maymont Sunset

Great Horned Owl (Maymont Park)


Pole Green Market

So now for the "Best Of" ... though honestly it may not be the best of the bunch, rather ones I like :). I hope you've enjoyed following along for the last two months! This will be the last post I make on this blog, but I am thinking of maintaining one on my website when I have it up and running to document and share shoots I go on, trips I take, and my emerging life as a photographer.

Thank you all!


Nassau, Bahamas

Loiza, Puerto Rico

Arenal, Costa Rica

Rocky Mtn NP, Colorado

Arches NP, Utah

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mojave NP, California

Empire State Building, New York

Portland, Maine

Shenandoah NP, Virginia

Washington, DC

Richmond, VA

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. It was fun! Best wishes!